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Get updates, advisories and closing information on every beach in Maryland, using the amazing, free Google™ Earth application!

Now you can keep current on the conditions at any of your favorite beaches
in the state, simply by downloading our small Update File and opening it with Google Earth.

Download Beach Notification Update File (280k)

Don't have Google Earth yet? You should. This versatile, comprehensive electronic atlas is an essential information tool for every home, school and business. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, it's completely free!


How to Use the Maryland Healthy Beaches Google Earth
Beach Notification System

  1. Download the Update File to your PC.

  2. If you have the Google Earth application installed, launch it and
    select Open under the File menu.

  3. Open the Maryland Healthy Beaches Update File. You will see a view focused on the State of Maryland.

  4. To find any specific beach, use the Search window near the top of the left sidebar, or open the Places menu in the sidebar by clicking the triangle.

  5. Under Temporary Places, open the Organized by County menu by clicking on the small gray box with the plus sign. Then open the county where your beach is located, and double-click on the name of the beach you want to view.

  6. Google Earth will take you to the beach location you have selected. The
    beach condition will be indicated by a color-coded marker. Refer to the legend you'll see at the top of the application window:

    Google Earth Application

  7. You can mouse-over the beach location marker -- and other points of interest on the map -- for place names; or click the marker for a pop-up window for photos and further description of the location and status.

  8. Once you've visited your favorite beaches with the application, you can save them to My Places for quick access the next time you visit. This can be done when you quit the application, or by selecting "Save to My Places" under the File menu.

  9. Enjoy your day at the beach in confidence and good health!

Be sure to visit this page whenever you're planning to go to the beach, and download the latest Update File for viewing in Google Earth (always delete the old Update File before opening the new one)!

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If you have tried our Maryland Healthy Beaches Google Earth Beach Notification System, please take a moment to tell us about your experience

In previous years, have you used the "Beaches 911" application linked
from this website to check on beach conditions?

  1. How does the new Google Earth Beach Notification system compare
    with Beaches 911?

  2. Why?

  3. Would you return to this page to download a new Update File the
    next time you plan to visit the beach in Maryland? 

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